3 Bar S Cattle

Black Brangus Cows.....Just A Sample....

Ms Brinks Bear Bryant 596R38

Bear Bryant of Brinks 1000N6 Connealy Freightliner
MC Ms 189/4-000J22
Miss Brinks Typeseter 596J3 Typesetter of Brinks 535G7
Miss Brinks Trooper 596F11

Ms Brinks Sundance 541P85

Sundance of Brinks 392G9 Cowboy of Brinks
Miss BB New Performer 392C4
Miss Brinks Trooper 541H8 Trooper of Brinks
Miss Brinks Milky Way

Ms Brinks Lambert 541T66
Lambert of Brinks 317R3 Lead Gun of Brinks
Miss Brinks Good Fortune 317M
Miss Brinks Uppercut 541P40 Uppercut of Brinks 14J8
Miss Brinks Trooper 541H8

Ms Brinks Ditka 468S8

Ditka of Brinks 535N37
Sonar of Brinks 607L18
Miss Brinks Geronimo 535K14
Miss Brinks Lead Time 468L
Lead Time of Brinks 795J4
Miss Brinks Cadence 468G15

3 Bar S Ms Csonka 541U3

3-S Cattle
Longview, TX

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